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Karina Evn was born on 16 August 1997, is a Russian-Armenian singer, songwriter, and composer.

At the age of 8, she entered the musical school N4, where she took piano classes. Three years later, she began to engage in academic vocals at the same school.

In 2013, Karina entered the Pop-Jazz college at Gnesinka. In the same year, she participated in her first vocal contest, "Звезды нового века", and won first place. In the same year, she took part in the contest "Golden Voice of Ostankino III" and won the Audience Choice Award.

In 2014 Karina earned the Grand Prix of the "Golden Voice of Ostankino iV" contest. In May 2014, she took part in the X-Factor Armenia project but refused to continue further participation when her hair began to fall out. Doctors diagnosed total alopecia. In September 2014, she participated in The Voice of Armenia, where she joined the team of Armenian singer Sona. 

In May 2015, Karina released her first single, «Не могу больше» (I Can't Take it anymore). In 2016, she released the songs «Зажигай» (Light up), «Моя Армения» (My Armenia, «С днем рождения» (Happy Birthday), «Свадебный вальс» (Wedding Waltz), "Hayastane mern e" (Armenia is ours), «Россия»  (Russia), and "Broken dream".

In 2017, Karina's first duet song was presented with the ex-soloist of the band "Bad Boys BlueKevin McCoy, and the song premiered at the State Kremlin Palace. In the same year, the singles «Лето» (Summer) and «Все зашибись» were released, which hit the iTunes Russia charts. On December 5, 2017, the first solo concert of Karina Evn took place in the Izvestia Concert Hall. That same year, she graduated from college.

In 2018, the songs «Я вам желаю» (I Wish You) and «Сердце оригами» (Origami Heart) were released. In March 2018, at the second all-Russian music awards show Muz. Play, Karina earned the "Talent of the Year" award. On May 26, she took part in the hip-hop festival "Сплав-Слов" and took second place. In October of the same year, the song "Dale Dale" was released, with an accompanying music video filmed in Moldova, which was premiere on СТС TV during the morning show programme. 

In 2019, Karina took part in the second season of the project SONGS on TNT. The producers of the project were Basta and Timati. During the show, she performed her own songs "Иди в  мной" and "Невозможное"; she later released music videos for these songs. "Иди со мной" landed in the 4th spot on the iTunes Russia chart.

In the same year, Karina took part in the project "Voice" Russia and sang her own song "Невозможное" and her performance was in the top 10 popular performances of the 8th season.

In January 2020 Karina released a new song "Мама что теперь?" (Mom, what's now?)", the video of which was filmed in Kyiv and rotated on TNT music. In the same year, the video for the song "Невозможное" won the RU.TV competition - the best video of the month.

In 2020 Karina with her song "WHY" reached the final stage of the national selection of the Eurovision Song Contest of Armenia "Depi Evratesil". In the same year, she was nominated by Blog Magazine (Exclusive Artist of the Year). 

In 2021 Karina released a new single "I will live". At the moment Karina is touring all CIS countries.

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